Welcome to DIY Houston

Things I am working on

Here is a few of the things I am working on or plan in the near future

  1. Workbench Powersupply
  • As everyone knows, one of the first projects in the DIY build list is turning a computer ATX power supply into a benchtop variable power supply unit. I have a working prototype but I need to spend the time to finalize the design and print up a case for it.
  • This design has variable voltage and variable amperage as well as 3.3v, 5v, 9v and 12v. I added a set terminal for 9v since I seem to be seeing that a lot for some reason.
As you can see, my PSU box needs upgrading at least

2. Portable power supply

  • I am planning to build a variable power supply that can be run from a 12v SLA battery or a plug in power brick for a smaller, easily portable power supply instead of being forced to use the big one.

3. Printer enclosure

  • I am looking for a low cost enclosure for my CR10s Pro. All of the ones I have looked at so far are either too expensive or too cheap. Can I build something in between the cardboard box or tent over the printer and the $100+ enclosure that still looks good?

4. Signal Generator

  • I picked up several kits to get started with, including the DSO138 scope and XR2206 signal generator. After getting them working, I want to rebuild the signal generator to output better signals and use all the functions of the xr2206 chip. Here are a couple of examples but I was thinking of using an Arduino to control the chip… because why not?
    • https://ac0c.com/main/page_homebrew_xr2206_sig_gen.html
    • https://www.elektormagazine.de/news/einfacher-funktionsgenerator (I translated the pdf here)

5. Raspberry Pi Zero W door knocker (lion or gargoyle I think) with built in MotionEye cam.