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So, you want to know all about me, do you? Not much to tell. My name is Robert Miller and I am a Windows System Engineer here in Houston, Texas. I just started getting into the maker stuff, so I thought I would put up a web site about my trials and tribulations along the way. After doing some searches at the domain registrar, I found diyhouston.org and diyhouston.com where available – so I bought them. I hope one day they will be bigger than just me.

I know what some of you are thinking, why can’t a Windows server engineer put up a better looking site? Well, getting and keeping the server and back-end services running does not translate into being any good with graphics, design or layout. So, I am keeping this site as simple as possible – otherwise it would look even worse.

While I am here, I just wanted to give my thanks for all those in the community that help and support the noobs like me. Thanks to these people that I am spending way too much money and having fun with electronics and building stuff again.

In no particular order:

Please check out their Youtube channels and support them since they put such effort into supporting us.