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Direct drive conversion

So, I started a converting my CR10s Pro to a direct drive. Wanting to do this for the least cost possible, I am using a file from thingiverse to move the extruder to the hot end carriage.

The filament runout sensor has been moved and incorporated with a guide on the top of the printer.
Already have the printer torn down to upgrade it.

Unfortunately the bracket I printed before tearing the printer apart didn’t fit correctly. The bowden tube from the extruder to the hot end had too much of a kink in it, so I am printing a replacement on my new printer. (Had to find an excuse to buy a second one!)

Picked up a Powerspec Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus at Microcenter. This was an open box on special, so I am very happy with the price and print quality. Here I am printing the replacement bracket for the CR.

Update: My micro swiss hot end died. The grub screw stripped out the threads from the cooling block.

I thought it wasn’t ALL the way stripped. Then the nozzle tried to fall off during the first test.

So, this project is going to change into a titan aero install instead.

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